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The Phoenix Incident is available in: English on Netflix Canada Reviews 2016-04-14 : Katie Walsh The doc-style found-footage approach, which almost feels like a true-crime network news magazine show at times, is a smart approach to a lower-budget sci-fi film, seamlessly weaving together fact and fiction. 2016-04-14 : Frank Scheck Ultimately, The Phoenix Incident is more …

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Son of Saul is available in: French on Netflix Canada Reviews > Experiencing what Saul’s seeing, hearing and undertaking. The World War II is the largest source supplier for the war movies. I have seen numerous breathtaking braverism, as well as heartbreakingly suffering film characters which are based on the real and sometimes fiction. The genre …

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The Lady in the Van is available in: English on Netflix Canada Reviews > According to her guidance, this is where it should go! Her legend continues. I was talking about Maggie Smith, she’s 82 years old and still her performances can compete with younger generation actors. The story was narrated from someone’s perspective about the …

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