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Zootopia is available in: English on Netflix Canada Reviews One of the best movies Disney has created in the last years. Smart plot with a great background topic talking about the differences, stereotypes, prejudices and joining the tendency of giving women more important roles. It has still several gaps to fill and enhance on the latest …

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Anomalisa is available in: English on Netflix Canada Reviews > Through the eyes of one who thinks everyone in the world is alike. The film was based on the stage play. Originally it was meant for a short movie, but during in the production it was extended to a feature film length and ended up knocking …

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Daddy’s Home is available in: English on Netflix Canada Reviews > Step-dad versus stepped-in dad. In the past for an action movie, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg came together and now for a comedy, once again the unusual combo returned. Surprisingly the movie was more hilarious than what I thought after listening to those who saw …

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Holding the Man is available in: English on Netflix Canada Reviews 2016-01-06 : Jay Weissberg Meant as a passionate chronicle of a great love, and a sobering reminder of the stigma of AIDS, the pic blandly conjures these sentiments and stands as one of the more wrong-footed evocations of coming out in the 1970s and ’80s. …

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Victor Frankenstein is available in: English on Netflix Canada Reviews 2015-12-02 : Cath Clarke What in hell were the makers of this monstrosity thinking? 2015-11-27 : Brad Wheeler McGuigan’s visually vivid Victor Frankenstein races to its lightning-storm finish, running over the solid (if not electrifying) acting of McAvoy and Radcliffe. 2015-11-26 : James Berardinelli To avoid …

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The Peanuts Movie is available in: English on Netflix Canada Reviews > “…who does that?” “-Only Charlie Brown.” In the last few years I have not got tired to praise in my review for those my childhood tv favourite cartoons successfully transformed into 3D animations. After ‘Tintin’, ‘Doraemon’, ‘Asterix’, ‘Mr Peabody’ ‘Winnie’ and a few others, …

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[linker q=”QUERY” gtm=”true” b=”BRAND” m=”MERCHANT” ct=”US”]Ever After High[/linker] season 4 is available in: German French English – Audio Description English Italian on Netflix Canada This serie is not available on Netflix in your country? The solution is: Watch it on [insert_php] echo get_bloginfo( ‘name’); [/insert_php]

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